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Financing Options Available*

Making upgrades or major repairs can be expensive, and we don’t want anything to stand in the way of making the air in your home healthier.


That’s why HealthyAir USA offers financing assistance for our services including:

Indoor Air Quality

Mold Testing

Humidity Mitigation

Dehumidification Systems

Air Purification Systems

HVAC Services


Mold Remediation Financing Available

Financing through HealthyAir USA can also help you manage the unexpected costs of mold repairs and remediation that aren’t covered by your homeowners insurance policy. Or, if mold is discovered as part of an inspection for your new dream home, it would be a shame to have a sale fall through because of the expense of mold removal and repairs. HealthyAir can help!


Financing Service Options

  • Buy today, pay over time
  • Payments to fit your budget
  • Special terms available, ask for details
  • Same-As-Cash Loans
  • Standard Loan interest rates between 6.99% and 8.99%
  • Online account management and bill payment options


Questions? Please contact us so we can discuss your needs and help you select the best plan for your circumstances.


*With approved credit. Please ask for details.

Too Much Moisture in the Air Can Lead to:

  • Musty, smelly odors
  • Condensation on windows, duct work, floor joists, insulation
  • Mold growth
  • Stains on the ceiling or walls
  • Decaying wood
  • Breathing problems

Our Maintenance Services:

  • Filter changes for whole-house HVAC dehumidifiers
  • Routine Maintenance on HVAC
  • Increase Filtration Capacity

Next Steps:

Are your filters doing the job effectively? Our Indoor Air Quality Air Assessments measure particle loads in the air to find out:

  • Is your system sealed well-enough?
  • Is your filter sealed well-enough?
  • Is the filter the correct one for the system?
  • Is there a better filter available for your system?
  • Does the filter need to be changed more often?

Healthy Air USA is here to help create


for your home.

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