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The History of Our Indoor Air Quality Services

In 2001, Stephen Andrews started his quest for optimal indoor air quality. Service in the heating and air industry provided a solid knowledge base, and he strongly felt that people’s overall health would improve if they were living in healthier breathing environments. Utilizing his broad experience and extensive contacts, he began researching indoor air quality services, which led to founding of HealthyAir. He completed rounds of certification and training, and began to offer his customers environmental inspections and indoor air quality assessments.

In an effort to provide the most comprehensive indoor air quality services, Stephen also became co-founder of Air and Energy Products – a company that, to date, manufactures 11 different sizes and variations of the HealthyAir DVA(dehumidification, ventilation and air purification) system.

Business began to grow as customers learned the connection between optimum health and the condition of their indoor environment. Mold tests and indoor air surveys led to the need for mold remediation services and HVAC sanitizing services. A customer base that grew to include highly respected doctors and people with severe asthma and allergies created the need for even more specialized products and services.

In 2007, Mr. Andrews decided once again to recommit to the needs of his customer base. HealthyAir now has ongoing relationships with several firms in the Atlanta area. By combining forces under the direction of HealthyAir, this group is able to execute the full scope of environmental remediation solutions, home inspections, and quality home building. The result of this effort has been a community of independent and qualified firms sharing new information, products and techniques, for the purpose of creating healthier homes for their customers.

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Customer Reviews

Mold Remediation in Atlanta, GA

The team at HealthyAir is just fantastic! They performed mold remediation in our home and were very professional and polite while doing it. They also recommended a dehumidifier that just works great. Thanks to the whole crew!

Charlotte M – Atlanta, GA 30301
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Case Studies

Mold Spores Hide Under the Stairs

Some people seem to have an uncanny sense of smell for mold spores. After receiving a call from one such customer, I was asked to perform a thorough mold investigation, utilizing all the resources at my disposal. Upon arrival, I prepared for my inspection of the eight thousand square-foot, two-story house, wondering how I would ever locate the needle in this particular haystack.

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