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Your HVAC (heating ventilating air conditioning) system can cause serious indoor environmental problems leading to health issues and energy waste. Leaking air ducts waste energy and lead to cross-contamination of conditioned spaces in the home or mold spores and other allergens. Oversized air conditioners waste energy and contribute to mold and bacteria growth inside the HVAC system. Worn out systems and poor quality work can also lead to safety problems.

Dirty cooling coils and air ducts are breeding grounds for mold, bacteria and other allergens.

A dehumidifier controls humidity in your home to decrease health problems resulting from excess moisture such as asthma and allergies, and maintain a comfortable living environment. Ensuring that dehumidification system is as efficient as possible in controlling your humidity level translates to better performance.

Humidifiers are essential in winter to eliminate discomfort from excessively dry air and also contribute to a healthier environment when properly maintained. They can prevent cracking of mucus membranes and nosebleeds caused by overly dry air during the heating season.

Sometimes you need a little extra filtration in your air system to get the air quality that you want. A HEPA filtration system will likely help keep the coughing and sneezing at bay as it filters out airborne particles, germs, and mold spores.


Don’t Leave Maintenance Up In The Air!

Maintenance services and air quality assessments will help keep all of these systems functioning at peak performance and help avoid the majority of equipment repair issues.

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  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency, for maximum comfort, indoor relative humidity should be maintained between 35% and 50%.
  • Indoor humidity cannot be effectively or efficiently controlled with an air conditioner/cooling system alone. Air conditioners are designed to cool a home based on a temperature set point, dehumidifiers’ focus solely on removing humidity.

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Mold Remediation in Atlanta, GA

The team at HealthyAir is just fantastic! They performed mold remediation in our home and were very professional and polite while doing it. They also recommended a dehumidifier that just works great. Thanks to the whole crew!

Charlotte M – Atlanta, GA 30301
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Some people seem to have an uncanny sense of smell for mold spores. After receiving a call from one such customer, I was asked to perform a thorough mold investigation, utilizing all the resources at my disposal. Upon arrival, I prepared for my inspection of the eight thousand square-foot, two-story house, wondering how I would ever locate the needle in this particular haystack.

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