Meet The Experts

The Air Quality Experts You Need

Healthy Air is proud of the expertise and experience it brings to home and business air quality and HVAC service. Our goal goes beyond temporary fixes, but rather we pride ourselves on solving air quality needs at the source. Healthy Air is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2021, proving that quality, customer service-centered work is built to last.

Our Leadership

Stephen Andrews

Stephen is an entrepreneur and management executive with three decades of experience building successful start-up enterprises. To date, Stephen has performed over 4,000 mold assessments in homes and commercial buildings.  Structures include homes and various government buildings, schools, medical facilities and office buildings. Stephen’s background in the HVAC industry and education in building science has played an important role in understanding how conditions are created indoors to sustain mold growth.

Alex Hallford, PE

Alex has nearly two decades of experience ensuring homes and businesses have superior air quality. With a background in engineering and previous work in the construction industry, Alex has the ability to spot current and potential air quality and mold issues before they become serious problems. Having knowledge of how the builder interprets the architectural plans allows Alex to observe various types of constructions and have a general idea about where and what shortcuts or deficiencies might be in place