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HVAC Sanitization For Healthy Indoor Air Atlanta

Air conditioners create moisture through condensation, dampening the dust particles that cling to the sides of the duct work. Before you know it, mold spores are growing inside your system. Up until now, it has been very hard to treat. Healthy Air USA is proud to announce a new service: HVAC Sanitizing with HealthyClean™ a powerful new product that will completely disinfect, deodorize and sanitize your HVAC system without the use of harmful toxins. We offer our sanitization services to these areas. The process is simple.

  1. We “shock” the system with a heavy concentration of HealthyClean, much the same way you would shock a swimming pool. But don’t worry, our products are safe to use around people and pets. HealthyClean contains Tea Tree Oil, an all-natural product with truly amazing germicidal and anti-fungal properties. The Tea Tree Oil goes to work right away, instantly disinfecting your heating and cooling system.
  2. While we are there, we will fog the crawlspace and any live mold spores that we find will be treated as well. This product has a nice, clean smell which will remain in your home for several days.

After we have treated your home, we will leave you with a small amount of the product, which can periodically be sprayed lightly into your return air vent to keep the air smelling fresh. We will also provide you with information on other HealthyClean air purification products. When used together, these products accumulate in your system to form a barrier against future mold and bacterial growth and all without toxins!

HVAC Sanitation should be done in conjunction with duct cleaning and sealing. This will help kill spores left behind by the cleaning process.

Healthy indoor air is easy to attain with Healthy Air USA. Contact us today for more information.

Our neighbor had a test done and found out he had radon in his home so we decided to have radon testing done too. We had the team from Healthy Air USA do an air quality assessment for us as well. They helped us get rid of the radon and they sanitized our air system to take care of all the problems. They were very helpful.

Written by: Mary Z – Lawrenceville, GA


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