HVAC Servicing

A New Approach to HVAC Servicing

There’s perhaps nothing as important to the comfort of your home than your HVAC system. When it’s running smoothing your home never feels better, but one minor hiccup can lead to discomfort and, more importantly, a dangerous health environment. While there are several companies that service HVAC systems, Healthy Air approaches your HVAC system differently, focusing on air quality first and foremost. The heating and cooling aspect of your HVAC is the bare minimum any one company can handle but improving the air quality in your home is what drives us, and it’s also how we stand out.

Your HVAC system can cause serious indoor environmental problems leading to health issues and energy waste. Leaking air ducts waste energy and lead to cross-contamination of conditioned spaces in the home or mold spores and other allergens. Oversized air conditioners waste energy and contribute to mold and bacteria growth inside the HVAC system. Worn out systems and poor-quality work can also lead to safety problems.

Dirty cooling coils and air ducts are breeding grounds for mold, bacteria and other allergens. Healthy Air inspects all of this and more when it services your HVAC system.

Duct Cleaning Service Done the Right Way!

Not all duct cleaning services are the same. At Healthy Air USA, we do duct cleaning services the right way, ensuring your ducts stay cleaner longer. We’re in the process of obtaining NADCA certifications, which is the industry’s highest standard for this work. Here’s our system:

  • We clean one duct at a time
  • We photograph all interiors so you can SEE the difference
  • We can combine this service with our other high-quality services for a complete cleaning package

Don’t Leave Maintenance Up In The Air!

Maintenance services and air quality assessments will help keep all of these systems functioning at peak performance and help avoid the majority of equipment repair issues.

Interested in learning more about Healthy Air USA’s dehumidification and filtration systems maintenance and services?

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