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The building envelope refers to all external building materials, window and walls that enclose the internal living space. Homes are…


Building Envelope

The building envelope refers to all external building materials, windows and walls that enclose the internal living space. Today, homes are built tighter to control air leakage and improve energy use. But tighter construction of homes and building improvements limit the exchange of air–too tight and the air inside is stale; too many ways for air to escape and money is wasted on heating and cooling. If the envelope isn’t constructed of “breathable” materials, stale air and pollutants tend to be retained and re-circulated via the HVAC duct system.


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Mold Inspection and Removal in Alpharetta, GA

After finding out we had mold in our home, we knew to turn to HeathyAir. They came out the next day and did an environmental inspection to find the cause of the mold. Once they were finished with the inspection, we had them go ahead and remove the mold over the next couple days. They were very nice and very thorough.

Jacob S – Alpharetta, GA 30004
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Case Studies

Mold Spores Hide Under the Stairs

Some people seem to have an uncanny sense of smell for mold spores. After receiving a call from one such customer, I was asked to perform a thorough mold investigation, utilizing all the resources at my disposal. Upon arrival, I prepared for my inspection of the eight thousand square-foot, two-story house, wondering how I would ever locate the needle in this particular haystack.

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