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For many people, mold is more than an ugly inconvenience. Breathing mold spores can be a throat irritant and can cause serious…


Common Mold-Induced Ailments: Chronic Respiratory Disease, Throat Irritants, and More

For many people, mold is more than an ugly inconvenience. Breathing mold spores can be a throat irritant and can cause serious health conditions, which over time can severely weaken the immune system or cause chronic respiratory diseases. Upon exposure to mold, common symptoms include those that can disguise themselves as common illnesses, such as:


    • Nasal and sinus congestion


    • Skin, eye and throat irritation


    • Cough and chronic respiratory disease as well as wheezing and difficulty breathing


  • Headache

Individuals that have asthma or other allergies are often particularly sensitive to mold exposure, and prolonged exposure can contribute to further types and severity of chronic respiratory disease. Also, those with weakened immune systems may be more likely to fall victim of a respiratory infection, which occurs when live mold invades the tissues of the lungs or respiratory tract.

It is important to remember that health effects aren’t necessarily dependent on the amount of mold or even if the mold is alive. Individuals can react to any mold spore, regardless of whether it is dead or alive.


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