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Air Duct Cleaning

Did you know that some methods of cleaning air ducts actually create more of a mess than they remove? If the duct-cleaning system comes inside your home, it can actually stir up more particles, releasing mold spores and other indoor air pollutants back inside your home. That is why we recommend Duct Doctor for our customers. Their patented truck-mounted vacuum system removes the debris from the air ducts without bringing it into your living space for optimum indoor air quality. One technician operates the vacuum on the truck and a second one assists at each register with a blower to push the debris out of the home and into the truck. The results are quite good and our customers have really enjoyed working with them. Duct Doctors USA is headquartered in Atlanta, but has offices nationwide.
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Mold Remediation in Atlanta, GA

The team at HealthyAir is just fantastic! They performed mold remediation in our home and were very professional and polite while doing it. They also recommended a dehumidifier that just works great. Thanks to the whole crew!

Charlotte M – Atlanta, GA 30301
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Case Studies

Dream Home Disaster

Earlier this year, I received a call from a homeowner in Buckhead - an affluent area of Atlanta, Georgia. She asked me if I could come out and perform an initial mold assessment - the second round of mold testing on the $1.7 million home she and her husband had recently purchased...

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