3 Fungal Facts to Help You Recover from Mold Toxicity

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When I finally got to the root cause of my health symptoms and figured out that high levels of mycotoxins in our home were making me sick, I admittedly did not know much about mold toxicity. Granted, I knew that mold could discolor and grow on our bathroom grout, make things smell musty, or could form on the water line in an unused toilet, but I really did not know anything about how the fungal load in my environment related to my health. Honestly, at first, I did not care to get to know this new fungal enemy of mine. I did not think that knowing more was important for my healing. But as I embarked upon a full-scale remediation of our home and mechanical systems and upon tackling the fungus in my body, I quickly learned that the clearest path to healing included digging deeper and becoming intimately acquainted with my enemy. In doing so, I have been able to make our home a safe place for us to live and thrive and have also been able to regain my health and my life.

Obviously I cannot in one article tell you every, single, important fact about fungus and health, but I can give you 3 fungal truth bombs that just may help. If you need actionable assistance, contact Healthy Air today to get an in-home consultation. And, even though that doesn’t sound like much, I promise, when you finish reading, I think you will walk away with a renewed understanding of 1.) how and why mold/fungus can be so problematic once it invades your body, 2.) why you may be doing “all the things” but still not recovering, and 3.) why knowing your enemy (mold/fungus) is the BEST way to defeat it.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

3 Fungal Facts to Aid in Recovery from Mold Toxicity

(Quick Note: Before I begin, this goes without saying, but the AIR you are breathing is ALWAYS #1. You CANNOT outsmart or out-treat contaminated air. First, get to a mold-free indoor environment and, if possible, do not take anything from the moldy place with you. If this is not feasible you can use HEPA filters in each room, the EC3 CandlesEC3 Fogger, and Ec3 Laundry Additive to Band Aid the environment until you can get into a safe place.)
  1. Fungus has a sugar receptor that makes it transform into its invasive hyphal form making it harder to eradicate.
  2. The presence of the fungus makes bacteria more pathogenic and resistant to normal interventions.
  3. Most fungus enters the body through the nose. Thus, you must treat your nasal passages, even if your symptoms are not sinus related, to fully recover.

Let’s now explore in more detail each item on the list. READ MORE . . .


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