The Benefits of Professional HVAC Cleaning

HVAC cleaning on heating and air conditioning residential units.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with HVAC Cleaning

The quality of your home’s indoor air has a significant impact on your quality of life. Inhaling mycotoxins from mold spores, dust, and other allergens can result in flu-like symptoms and worsening of asthma. Conversely, excellent air quality can turn any house into an oasis where you rest well and refresh yourself. Professional HVAC cleaning helps you take a step in this direction.

How the HVAC System Contributes to Air Quality

Duct cleaning is not something the layperson can do. The length of your vacuum’s hose determines the reach of your cleaning efforts. Even if you try to keep the system as clean as you can, consider that it circulates air contaminants multiple times per day.

Not only does it spew them into the rooms of your home, but it also lets them build up inside the ducts themselves. Therefore, even if you keep your home meticulously clean, the contaminants inside your ducts continue to introduce allergens, mold spores, dander, and other detritus into the air you breathe.

How Dust and Dirt Enter the System

When the heating or cooling system kicks on, it takes in the home’s air. It returns the air heated or cooled. Whatever you do in the house eventually finds its way into the air ducts. The food that you cook releases minute oil globules that enter the ducts. The dog’s dander, the hobby room’s drywall project dust, the guest’s cigar smoke, and the mold spores from the shower all travel through the ducts. There, they collect, build up, and continue to travel through the home.

What a Professional HVAC Cleaning Entails

You have tried to keep the air registers clean. Maybe you unscrewed them and vacuumed around the openings. This is a great start. However, a professional who comes out with the right equipment can do so much more.

  • Entire system cleaning. Long-reaching hoses allow for a cleanup of the ducts that are out of reach for your vacuum.
  • Register polishing. Did you know that dirt accumulating around a register indicates that the duct right behind it needs cleaning? Therefore, specialists will polish the registers to ensure that you can tell the next time you need a good duct cleaning.
  • Air filter replacement. The air filter succeeded in trapping plenty of contaminants. A professional will clean or replace it, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Blower motor cleaning. The interior workings of the heating and air conditioning system also need a good cleaning. Contaminants accumulate there just as they do inside the ducts.
  • Contaminant loosening and collecting. Because some allergens attach themselves to the insides of the ducts, technicians use a variety of tools to loosen them. Next, they do not allow the particles to enter your home’s breathable air. Doing so would defeat the purpose. Rather, they collect them with vacuum devices.

Taking it a Step Further with HVAC Sanitizing

Professional cleaning is an excellent first step at significantly improving the air quality inside your home. However, consider that HVAC sanitizing can remove toxins and smelly residues the cleaning left behind. Natural anti-fungal and germicidal products disinfect the heating and cooling system to eradicate any leftover microbes or mold spores.

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