Steps for Controlling Home Humidity Levels

Window covered in condensation from high home humidity levels.

Did you know that there is a healthy humidity level for your home? Experts suggest that it should be right around 45 percent. This number refers to the water vapor that is in the home’s breathable air. Controlling home humidity levels is easier than you think.

What Happens When Home Humidity Levels Get Too Low or High?

Do your lips and skin feel dry? Maybe there is a lot of static electricity in the air. You cough more than usual, and it seems that your throat is irritated. These are signs of low humidity. On the other end of the spectrum is high humidity. You notice condensation on windows and mold growth in bathrooms or kitchens. Insect infestations occur. Your dust mite allergy may also kick into full gear.

What is the Humidity Level in Your Home Right Now?

Invest in an inexpensive hygrometer. While it cannot detect problems, it accurately displays your home’s current humidity level. If you do not want to incur this expense, connect with HealthyAir USA. We will gladly send out a technician to handle the measurement for you.

Fixing a Humidity Problem in the Home

Low humidity is rarely a problem in a house. It is easy to fix. For example, introduce several houseplants into your space to boost the moisture content of the air. For a quick fix, you might run the shower for steam in the bathroom. Another option is to boil water in the kitchen.

Typically, humidity problems are on the other end of the spectrum. There is too much moisture in the air. Fixing this problem requires a case-by-case approach.

  • Exhaust fan installation. If bathrooms and kitchens generate too much moisture on a regular basis, it makes sense to create venting options to the outside. Exhaust fans are good options if the spaces do not have windows.
  • Install carpeting or add rugs. Floor coverings can absorb some excess moisture. If you only have wood or stone as a floor covering, add large, thick rugs. Conversely, consider installing carpeting in some areas.
  • Install a vapor barrier in a crawl space. If the dirt floor of the crawl space emits too much moisture, a vapor barrier installation could result in a dramatic reduction of the humidity. Remember also to maintain proper ventilation in this space.
  • Install a dehumidification unit. There are ducted and unducted products to choose from. Typically, ducted products connect with your HVAC system and add convenience to functionality. HealthyAir USA can assist you with the selection of the right product as well as its installation.

A Word on HVAC Systems

Sometimes, your air conditioning system can have a hand in sending humidity skyrocketing in the home. This is the case when the system is not sized correctly for your space. You will notice that it has to keep cycling on and off too much to maintain the temperature you are looking for. If you suspect that your system is not the right size, give us a call, and we can check it out for you.

Learn more about maintaining ideal home humidity levels by contacting HealthyAir USA today.

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