Crawl Space Solutions for Humidity, Mold, and Poor Air Quality

Window of a crawl space covered in moisture.

Improve the Air Quality in Your Crawl Space

Forgetting about some problem areas in the home is easy. Case in point is the crawl space. However, what goes on there has a way of encroaching on the rest of your house. For example, the air of the crawl space tends to rise into other areas, where it potentially deposits mold spores. That said, there are things you can do to reduce the humidity and poor air quality.

Divert Water away from the Crawl Space

In some cases, moisture enters the area due to exterior influences. Case in point is the landscaping. Ideally, it should gently slope away from the house. However, subsequent landscaping projects may have undone this setup. Work with your gardener to change the grade around the home. Doing so causes water to drain away from the structure.

Installing a gutter system is another good option. If rainwater runs down the façade right now, it enters the soil at the crawl space level. However, gutters let you divert the water and allow it to drain away from the home. This is an inexpensive fix that your repair person can probably take care of in a short couple of hours.

Install Vents

It is possible that the home’s builder underestimated the moisture buildup underneath the structure. You can boost air circulation by adding new vents to support the ones that are already there. While it is not enough to undo a massive moisture problem, it helps with preventing a recurrence going forward.

Use Desiccants with Care

Desiccant use in the home setting might involve the exposure of the material via a bucket or large pan. You probably know the small desiccant products that recreational vehicle retailers recommend when you plan to put your RV in storage at the end of the travel season. The material absorbs moisture and prevents humidity buildup. However, in an area as large as a crawl space, desiccants may not be enough.

Professional Humidity MitigationProvides Solutions for Your Unique Situation

Each home is different. HealthyAir USA routinely conducts crawl space humidity mitigation for clients. The goal is to prevent you from spending money on products or services that will not work in your situation. Similarly, we help you understand the scope of the problem, which then provides you with a fair assessment of the overall condition you are dealing with.

We start by cleaning the area. Sometimes, there is mold-contamination in insulation and other products. Our team removes the items. Next, technicians install a vapor barrier. It goes from wall to wall, which effectively prevents the buildup of moisture. They then replace the insulation with mold-resistant products.

In severe cases, we might recommend the installation of a crawl space dehumidifier. This machine connects with your HVAC system and removes excess moisture from the air. Doing so maintains a dry environment that does not support mold spore growth or allergen development. After you go through the mitigation process, it is an excellent method for preventing a recurrence.

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