How Heavy Metals Prevent Mold Illness Recovery

picture of a mercury test sample
Today we’re going to talk about mold illness recovery. The primary focus for most of our newsletter articles is about getting patients healed from chronic illness and disease triggered by mold and mycotoxin exposure and environmental toxins. But what about those times, and they do happen, when the environment has been cleaned up, the internal mold has been treated, hormones are back in balance, yet recovery still feels elusive and is not what was expected?  To answer that, we are launching a series of articles that may help explain the  question, “Why am I Not Getting Better?” In each article, I hope to exemplify some of the main recovery roadblocks with specific patient histories to show how we dealt with that exact question. Do you have mold problems at home, or think you might? Contact Healthy Air today to speak with our team and to schedule a consultation.

When Treating Mold is Not Enough

Hilda M., a 38-year-old woman with extreme fatigue, night sweats, burning in her feet and legs, and unexplained heart rhythm abnormalities, was one such patient.  Hilda was originally from Holland and became ill while still living in her hometown near Amsterdam   She had hoped that by moving to the US she would become healthier, but that did not happen.  A detailed history revealed that her apartment in Holland had flooded several times and that she had periodically scrubbed mold and mildew off the walls and furniture.  Subsequent nasal swabs, bloodwork and urine tests for mycotoxins revealed significant levels of mold-induced inflammation and toxicity.  Her home in the USA was basically ok, but all clothing she brought with her had to be cleaned or disposed of, as the mold spores residing on the clothing were quite high.  She was treated for the fungal overgrowth, put on a gentle detox protocol, used oxygen therapy, and followed a good nutritional protocol.   After 6 weeks of treatment, Hilda felt better with less respiratory symptoms, but still exhibited skin rashes and her stamina was not where we felt it should be. Additionally, her cardiac arrhythmias had calmed somewhat, but the burning in her feet and legs persisted. READ MORE . . .

A Deeper Understanding of Why Fungus Can Affect Health

When I finally got to the root cause of my health symptoms and figured out that high levels of mycotoxins in our home were making me sick, I admittedly did not know much about mold/fungus.READ MORE

Organic Acids Testing for Mold-Injured Patients?

Of all functional medicine tests that are available, hands down, the most helpful to me as a clinician is the Organic Acids test done through first morning urine.  When results are paired with a patient’s specific history and the whole picture is interpreted, no other diagnostic gives as much “bang for the buck” as the Organic Acids test, in my opinion. READ MORE

Is EMF Exposure a Real Health Concern?

Sensitivity to electromagnetic force or fields has been joked about on almost every platform, from comedy shows to many traditional medical forums. Those individuals who feel that they are particularly sensitive to electrically charged magnetic fields are often ridiculed or told that they are hysterical. READ MORE

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