The Sound of Summer

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The Sound of Summer

What does summer sound like? The laughter of children as they play in the park? The splash of pool water as someone dives into the deep end? The sizzle of food cooking on the grill? Yes, those are some of the sounds that we definitely associate with summer. But there is one more that we need to add to the list: the buzzing of mosquitoes in the hot, humid air of Georgia summers.

Everybody generally dislikes mosquitoes. We associate them with itchy red bites and unpleasant-smelling bug sprays. We have waged war on them each summer by trying everything from burning citronella-infused products to hiring professional pest control technicians to spray our yards. They still make an appearance, year after year. Winter seems like the only time when we get a break from them. However, that may change with the mild winter that we experienced this year.

Summertime Heat and Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes need water to flourish, and more rainfall and warmer temperatures this winter created conditions for more mosquitoes to do just that. So, instead of worrying about surviving, mosquitoes have been busy thriving. This summer, you might have noticed that there are more of them in your backyard and will spend more time indoors to avoid them.

Mosquitoes are lurking under leaves, mulch, eaves, and other damp, shady places, just waiting for you to disturb their habitat so they can come out for a meal. So logically, going inside your home seems to be the best remedy if you don’t have to be outside. Then there is also the added bonus of avoiding the summer heat if you stay inside. Sounds like the perfect solution, right?

Mold Remediation

To a certain extent it is; if your house has had mold remediation, then you can enjoy the benefits of cool, clean air. But if you have not had an indoor air quality assessment, there may be mold spores polluting the air your breath. So essentially, you have traded one issue for another: mold instead of mosquitoes. Even if you don’t have problems with mold in your home, it might not be the only issue, so now is the perfect time to schedule an indoor air quality assessment.

Indoor Quality Assessment

Unlike other companies, Healthy Air does not simply send out a technician to do air quality testing in Atlanta. Our indoor air quality assessments are done by a licensed environmental engineer who has more than a decade of experience in the environmental consulting field. We want to make sure that we provide you with dependable, professional knowledge that is backed by experience. Give Healthy Air USA a call to schedule your indoor air quality assessment at 770-205-1710.

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