Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

At HealthyAir, we take mold very seriously. Although the presence of mold itself is not always a problem, sustained growth of mold inside your home or office can become a problem. Different molds can produce a variety of symptoms, reactions, and diseases depending on the mycotoxins produced and an individual’s immune system status. For this reason, you may elect to utilize mold testing to determine the exact mold(s) within your home or office. If harmful mold is determined to be present, our comprehensive mold remediation process can then be followed. We offer mold remediation services to the Atlanta, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Smyrna, and Lawrenceville areas.

Scope of Remediation

Reports on the area and extent of contamination will be used to determine the scope of the mold remediation. Although testing at the beginning of a remediation process is not mandatory, it is very important to test for mold after remediation is completed. HealthyAir uses air sampling due to its reliability in detecting viable (live) and non-viable (dead) spores. (According to the EPA, dead mold spores are as allergenic as live spores.)

Mold Litigation Services

The identification of mold species and the extent of contamination can be valuable information when entering into litigation with a builder, contractor or landlord. It is important to know your rights when legal action is necessary. Although HealthyAir can provide helpful documentation and expert testimony, we are not qualified to comment on legal procedures or offer legal advice.

Mold Remediation Process

If a mold inspection or testing process shows elevated levels of mold in your home, mold remediation may be needed. HealthyAir can perform the remediation or we would be happy to recommend a highly respected and qualified remediation firm with state-of-the-art equipment and a reliable team of professionals. However, some customers prefer to locate their own remediation companies. We will be happy to forward test results to another vendor if you prefer. However, we cannot be responsible for the quality of the work that they do. Regardless, most mold remediation companies should offer the same mold remediation options.

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After finding out we had mold in our home, we knew to turn to HeathyAir. They came out the next day and did an environmental inspection to find the cause of the mold. Once they were finished with the inspection, we had them go ahead and remove the mold over the next couple days. They were very nice and very thorough.
Written by: Jacob S – Alpharetta, GA

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