Ways to Maintain Optimal Air Quality in Your Home this Winter


The winter is a time where we often crank our heat on high, invite guests over, fill our homes with pleasant scents, and maybe even finish that home renovation project we’ve had on the backburner all year. And luckily for us, our homes were designed for this—they were designed to keep us comfortably warm inside while the cold rages on outside. But while we enjoy the merriment of being forced to occupy ourselves indoors, it’s important to remember that the fresh air isn’t circulating as it does in the summer when we can open the windows and doors. To remedy this important air quality issue, here are a few things to keep in mind this winter.

Air Pollutants are Everywhere

One might be surprised how many everyday items in our homes increase indoor air pollution. Again, since many homes are winterized, in that they’re sealed tightly to keep the heat in and cold out, that also means much less fresh air is being circulated during these months. When we use scented candles or air fresheners to spice up our home, we’re only adding to a continuous stream of indoor air pollutants. If we indulge in our handy side and decide to paint a room or use lacquer, or any chemical that creates fumes, we’re only adding to the pollution in our homes.

Other common home air pollutants and humidifiers are dust, which breed dust mites, our heaters, which create moisture in our air and could lead to mold; and pet dander, which is one of the most difficult to remove allergens due to its size.

There’s Still Hope

The EPA recommends three useful tips to reduce the pollutants in your air and increase your air quality:

  1. Source Control, or simply removing the sources of pollution, such as air fresheners or home improvement projects and the chemicals that go with them.
  2. Improved Ventilation. We’re said to spend 95% of our time indoors, if we don’t allow some fresh air in from outside then we’re simply recycling stale air. The best ways to ventilate are to open windows when you can, turn on the fan in the bathroom and kitchen where air from inside is pushed out and outdoor air is permitted in, and turn on fans in the room you’re occupying, if applicable.
  3. Air cleaners. While there are air cleaners on the market that can purify your air, a few less industrial models will purify it satisfactorily. However, this is still a great investment for added decontamination of your home’s air.

How Can You Test Your Air Quality?

HealthyAir USA can help you assess the air quality in your home and work with you to raise it to an optimal level. Increasing your home’s air quality takes work and persistence but with our expert advice we can have you and your family breathing better this winter. Our experts inspect for mold, particulates, excess moisture, and HVAC abnormalities and then provide you with a report of what we’ve found. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly what you’re breathing as we bundle up tightly this winter? Contact us today for more information.

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