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Filtration Systems, Humidity Control Systems, and More

Healthy Air USA invites you to explore our product options, and contact us with any questions, or to schedule an indoor air survey.

Healthy Air USA Accessories

Accessories for the Healthy Air USA products include remote humidistats (primarily used in ducted systems), condensate pumps (for quick removal of condensation in non-ducted systems) and replacement filters. […]

Air Purification Systems

Sometimes you need a little extra filtration in your air system to get the air quality that you want. Healthy Air USA offers several high efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) systems to really knock down the particulates in your air. These systems can be installed independent […]

Dehumidification Systems

As we learned in the Education Section, excessive humidity can create an environment where mold can thrive. So how do we get rid of the excess humidity? We have one of Healthy Air USA’s dehumidification units installed! […]

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