Classroom Ventilation is Key to Preventing COVID Spread

The CDC and ASHARE guidance recommend changing the air in classrooms every hour, yet most school systems do not have the capability to do this with existing equipment.

A recent study by Johns Hopkins’ Center for Health Security found that “while ventilation improvements may often be perceived as a complicated and expensive investment, we demonstrate in a cost-effectiveness analysis comparing ventilation with enhanced (“deep”) cleaning that ventilation improvements are a cost-effective public health measure.


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Healthy Air USA Has the Air Quality Equipment Classrooms Need

HEPA filters are one of the more effective tools when looking to purify the air within a classroom setting. Healthy Air has the expertise and tools needed to provide a safer classroom setting for K-12 educators.

Per the study, improved ventilation may give children and school staff healthier indoor air quality for decades in the future, providing a healthier environment for nonpandemic times and potentially reducing risks in future infectious disease outbreaks.

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