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Spray Foam Insulation

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can do more than just save you money on your heating bills. By adding spray foam insulation to your crawlspace and attic, you can reduce the infiltration of dust and other airborne pollutants while preventing mold growth on floor joists and sub-floors. Used between walls, spray foam insulation raises the R-value, while drastically reducing noise. We have worked closely with the professionals at Value Tech and feel very comfortable recommending them to our customers. Value Tech serves the Metro Atlanta area, if you are not in Atlanta, call us and we will help you find a company in your area that can boost your home’s overall energy efficiency.
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Mold Remediation in Atlanta, GA

The team at HealthyAir is just fantastic! They performed mold remediation in our home and were very professional and polite while doing it. They also recommended a dehumidifier that just works great. Thanks to the whole crew!

Charlotte M – Atlanta, GA 30301
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Case Studies

Small Gutters Lead to Problems with Mold and Health Effects

I will never forget the look on the face of a young mother I met one bright September morning in September 2003. Her two story brick home appeared to be solidly built and was situated at the end of a narrow, winding street facing a golf course. The terrain appeared to slope away from the house – a good indication that the drainage was working properly. She had done her homework, too, and had spent many hours researching the web looking for a solution to her problem. The only problem was…she didn’t really know what was wrong. And that confusion, frustration, and helplessness was written all over her face...

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