Water Mitigation Services

Your Water Damage Experts

Healthy Air offers water mitigation services. We found that many times our mold remediation clients had water damage issues first that led to mold damage. Since we’re the mold remediation specialists, it makes sense for us to be able to stop mold before it becomes a problem by properly cleaning up water damage while simultaneously working to prevent mold buildup.

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Healthy Air’s Triple Action Process

Because of our expertise within the air quality and mold remediation space, we’re the perfect service provider to help contain emergency water damage you have experienced while also ensuring the air quality remains high and mold doesn’t begin to grow. Healthy Air can perform all three services at the same time!


How It Works

When you’ve suffered water damage, Healthy Air will come in a remove the damaged aspects of your home or property, such as furniture, drywall, and more, and begin the drying process. We’ll undergo a thorough process of water removal and water cleanup to ensure the area is completely dry. We will save everything we can while simultaneously perform our mold remediation and prevent mold from growing in the affected area.

We’ll also show you how to create an environment that encourages water damage prevention and show you the most efficient ways to create water protection processes. Dealing with emergency water damage cleanup can be stressful. Let Healthy Air handle your water damage needs while creating a healthier environment moving forward.

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