Crawl Space Insulation

If your home has a crawl space, it’s a good idea to get crawl space insulation installed. HealthyAir offers a variety of crawl space insulation options. A lot of homeowners who have crawl spaces underneath their homes probably don’t ever give it a second thought. However, did you know that a crawl space without insulation can be responsible for tremendous energy loss? If you have an unsealed crawl space environment without any kind of insulating barrier in place, conditioned air from inside your home will be able to get out. Also, hot or cold air from outside will easily be able to get inside and work its way up into your home. This causes your furnace and air conditioner to work much harder to keep your family comfortable. When you have crawl space insulation, you can maintain a comfortable environment in your home and cut back on those monthly energy bills! View the areas we serve here.

Benefits of Crawl Space Insulation:

  • Can be installed quickly
  • Will fill any gaps or voids inside crawl space walls and floors
  • Will lower your monthly energy costs
  • Your furnace and air conditioner will need to work less

Spray Foam Insulation

Healthy Air can install closed cell encapsulated spray foam insulation in your crawl space. Closed cell foam insulation is made of tiny pockets of air surrounded by the insulation material, making it water resistant. This type of insulation fills in the gaps and spaces in your crawl space walls. We realize that all homeowners want to save money and cut back on their energy use wherever possible. With an insulated crawl space, your HVAC unit will need to work less to cool in the summer and your furnace will work less to heat your home throughout the rest of the year. A lot of homeowners who have this spray foam insulation installed in their crawl space have called or e-mailed us and told us how amazed they were with their cost savings! Also, it’s important to note that when your HVAC systems have to work less, you will need less furnace and air conditioner repair services to keep them running their best. As you can see, having crawl space insulation installed will prove to be a very cost-effective decision in both the long and short-term. HealthyAir can also install open cell encapsulated spray foam insulation in your walls and attic.

Our crew of spray foam installers have been working in crawl spaces of homes all over the greater Atlanta area for many years now. We guarantee that you will be pleased with our crawl space insulation services, and we hope that you recommend us to all your friends and family members in the region.

Please give us a call or contact us online for more information about our spray foam insulation. We thank you for your interest in Healthy Air and we look forward to talking with you soon!

We recently moved into a new house and the crawl space was very moist and unusable. We had the guys at HealthyAir come and put in a vapor barrier to seal it off. They recommended we use a dehumidifier and insulation to really make it protected for good. We can now use it for our extra storage.
Written by: Shannon and Chris R – Alpharetta, GA

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