Why a Professional Should Install Your HEPA Air Purifier

Air purifier in an all white room.

Investing in a high-efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) system is a good option when you have asthma or deal with allergies. The technology also appeals to homeowners with pets or indoor plants. They want to boost air quality in the home. It is tempting to visit the local big box home improvement store and pick out a system that is on sale. After all, it comes with an installation manual. However, there are plenty of reasons why a professional should install a HEPA air purifier.

Understanding the Mechanics behind the Technology

Not all HEPA systems are created equal. There are those that go into the air ducts of your HVAC unit. They require specific placement and sizing to be effective. Other units connect to the HVAC furnace system as well as other strategic points of the setup. Finally, some systems require you to install independent air intakes.

Whenever you modify your HVAC system, you change the balance of the heating and cooling cycles. It is easy to make a mistake and jeopardize the efficiency of the system. Similarly, installing new air intakes is not for the weekend hobbyist. It calls for a precise calculation of airflow within the home to identify the ideal location as well as the suitable height.

Other Reasons for Talking to a Professional

HealthyAir USA offers several HEPA systems. We do so because one type does not suit everyone. When you talk to a professional in the field, you understand your options. Case in point is the ability to focus the system’s functioning in one area of the home. Maybe you do not need or want a whole-house treatment. However, if you have a mother-in-law suite, this area may require air purification. It is possible to focus air purification on this area alone and save money in the process.

Most importantly, an expert installer focuses on doing the job right the first time. This expert locates the ideal location for the system’s installation. Next, there is the site survey to ensure that putting the item there will be done to code. There is nothing worse than adding something to your HVAC system only to find out later that it results in an expensive fix when you want to sell the home.

How a Well-Installed HEPA Air Purifier Works

Depending on the system you selected, the particles in your home’s air get trapped in the filtration matter as the machine forces the air through the material. Doing so removes a variety of particulate matter. The better the filtration equipment, the more matter you trap. In the process, you clean the air that you breathe. Therefore, you should notice a reduction in asthma and allergy symptoms that you experience as you are at home.

Learn more about the options open to you today. HealthyAir USA specialists gladly offer advice on the selection of a HEPA air purifier. Besides that, they will answer your installation-related questions. When you want to ensure that the job is done with a minimum of disruption to your home life, they can take on the project. Contact us today!

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