The Importance of Indoor Air Quality Testing

Dust on a window symbolizing poor indoor air quality.

You have been feeling under the weather a lot lately. You are fine when you are out and about. However, as soon as you return home, it seems as though allergy symptoms come to the forefront. At first, there is the sneezing. After a couple of hours, you might have a difficult time breathing and your skin itches. Indoor air quality testing could explain what goes on.

Understanding the Importance of Indoor Air Tests

Everyone knows that secondhand smoke is harmful to you. It is the type of pollutant that has been in the news a lot. Similarly, it is something that you can smell. Because smokers and non-smokers have become more aware of this issue, there is now a general understanding to keep secondhand smoke outside of the home environment.

However, there are indoor pollutants that you cannot smell. In some cases, you cannot even see them.

  • Radon. This gas occurs naturally in the soil. Without proper basement and crawlspace construction, it is possible for increased amounts to enter the home.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs evaporate into the air you inhale. They are frequently associated with the chemical smells from new furnishings, carpeting, and paints.
  • Dust mites. The protein-containing excretions of dust mites are notorious allergens. These little animals thrive in home environments where moisture levels may be a little on the high side – even if it is only temporary.
  • Mold Spores. Mold is a fungus that also thrives in high-moisture environments. It reproduces through spore releases that can adversely affect people with allergies or asthma.

Indoor air tests help you understand what is in the air you breathe. Most importantly, it empowers you to take action.

Common Air Tests

Good-quality technicians will use a laser particle scanner to gauge how large allergens in your air might be. The smaller the particle, the more likely it is to create long-term problems. Knowing that you are dealing with abnormally large particulate matter in the air gives you the opportunity to select an air filtration system that works for your unique needs.

Humidity measurements reveal if your home is hospitable toward mites. If it is, a dehumidifier can radically change the air’s moisture level to the point of making it impossible for dust mites to live there. Similarly, moisture reduction will make a difference in the presence of mold. By the way, if mold is present in your home, invite technicians in to remove it. Do not merely deal with the spores.

Working with Experts on Indoor Air Quality Testing

HealthyAir USA routinely works with homeowners who want to be informed about what they breathe in. They desire a comfortable environment that is safe for themselves and their loved ones. Most importantly, they want to feel well and refreshed after spending a long night in the home. Because they or a loved one might struggle with allergy symptoms, these homeowners are ready to make some changes.

Find out today if the air in your home might be making you sick. Contact us for immediate assistance.

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