Why Mold Testing Is Easier Than Ever

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Mold is in the news a lot these days. This is due, in part, because mold testing is easier than ever. There is no longer a need for spending a lot of money on these tests. A reduction in price now makes the testing affordable for all homeowners.

Whom Should You Call for Mold Inspection?

Work with a professional who specializes in mold remediation as well as HVAC duct cleanings and air filtration. This expert understands how mold and its spores affect the air you breathe. Most importantly, the company will have the equipment necessary to do comprehensive testing that might offer detailed input on the particulate matter in the atmosphere.

For example, HealthyAir USA worked with a client who suffered from chronic fatigue that prevented her from exercising. She felt fine when she was away from home. However, once she returned, the condition worsened. Routine tests did not show any problems. Moisture levels were at optimal levels.

However, expertise led the specialist to investigate further. It turned out that there was a severe fungal infestation in the duct board by the HVAC system. Moisture was condensing at the site, which fed the mold. It resulted in fungal spores that invaded the home through the HVAC system. Without expert testing, the problem’s source might not have become known.

When is a Good Time to Request Mold Testing?

There are typically three occasions when a test for mold is essential.

  1. Purchase of a new home. You cannot look behind the fresh paint, underneath the new carpeting, or between the wall tile and the substrate. Testing tools, however, can tell you what is in the air. Before you commit to the purchase of a new home, know that you are not buying someone else’s mold problems.
  2. Musty smells. If there is a musty smell in the air, you perceive the odor of mycotoxins. Spores are growing and preparing to start new colonies. It is essential to pinpoint the active growth patch and eliminate it.
  3. Recent water damage. A sudden roof leak, a basement that flooded, or the bathroom shower that sprang a leak all create water damage in the home. With the influx of water comes the danger of mold growth. Spores are in the air and will take advantage of wet insulation or drywall. After you have the leaks fixed, hire a firm to do a mold test

How Mold Testing Works

Your home’s setup and testing reasons determine the type of probes that a specialist might perform.

  • Tape lifts. A tape lift shows what types of fungi are present in a specific area. Most importantly, this method indicates if a mold colony is actively releasing spores.
  • Spore traps. After verifying the presence of mold spores, it is essential to determine whether the infestation affects all rooms or remains localized.
  • Viable sampling. Incubating the spores of a thriving patch gives you detailed information about what you are dealing with.

Find out more about our mold testing procedures. Contact HealthyAir USA today for information and to schedule an appointment.

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