Air Duct Cleaning

Only technicians that care about their work and customers deliver a job well done. A company can have the best air duct cleaning equipment and still do a horrible job cleaning air ducts. We see it all the time while assessing air quality for homeowners! A Healthy Air USA technician will spend as much time as necessary on each and every air duct to ensure we do the best possible job. After cleaning we “dry fog” the HVAC system to destroy allergens and latent mold spores.

Mold in Duct Board Plenums:

Plenums are take-off boxes for air ducts attached to the return and supply side of the air handlers (furnace).  Often the return and supply air plenums are made of duct board.  Duct board is a fiberglass composite with a metallic backing.  The interior of the plenum is very coarse and porous fiberglass.  It captures cellulose duct particles, a food source for mold.  When the air conditioner is in operation, moisture from the cooling coil is blown into the supply plenum and moistens the dust, creating conditions to support mold growth inside the plenum.  THEY CANNOT BE CLEANED: (The Environmental Protection Division (EPA) document EPA 402-K-97-002 was produced to address duct cleaning concerns.  Page 1 of the document states that internally insulated components of an HVAC system that have been exposed to fungal amplification should be replaced.  The duct board plenums on the HVAC system in the basement should be replaced because they cannot be effectively cleaned.)



Our technicians are specifically trained on replacing mold-contaminated fiberglass plenums.  They understand that attention to detail makes for a quality installation and prevention of cross-contamination is critical to the process.  If you want the most qualified indoor air quality company to take care of contaminates in your home. 

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