​The Difference between Black and Green Mold

Wall with green mold and dirt on the surface

Black and Green Mold: What You Need to Know Mold is a fungus that prefers a humid environment. It is frequently found in kitchens, bathrooms, and areas near water leaks. It is interesting to note that there is a wide variety of these fungi. Cases in point are black and green mold. Continue reading to learn some…

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Types of Mold That Affect Your Health

Scientist holding magnifying glass up to mold spores

Understanding Different Types of Mold Did you know that mold is an umbrella term that refers to a broad range of fungi? Most anyone knows about Stachybotrys, the black mold. It is famous for causing severe allergic reactions. Its black color and growth pattern on cellulose-containing building materials have made it famous. However, other types…

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