Envelope Integrity

A healthy home is a home with a sustainable indoor environment. There are several different factors that contribute to the total indoor environment, including adequate ventilation, appropriate humidity levels, air filtration and building envelope integrity.

“A balance is maintained by making sure a home has positive exterior drainage away from the house in all directions, a properly sized heating and cooling system, vapor diffusion protection, as well as adequately planned ventilation.” Healthy Indoor Air for America’s Home.

Maintaining the envelope’s integrity is likely the most misunderstood part of creating a healthy indoor environment.

So what is it? It is a combination of the following:

  1. Good exterior drainage that keeps outside rain and moisture away from your home foundation means you won’t find it migrating up into the livings spaces. Preventing moisture from collecting in your crawl space helps deter damage beneath your home and keeps home air integrity at an optimal level.
  2. Properly sized HVAC equipment–not too large–means an oversized HVAC system can cool floors and furniture to a dewpoint level, creating a moisture problem that doesn’t need to be there. By preventing excessive moisture in and around the home, you can create a healthier breathing environment.

Protect your home with the Healthy Air USA dehumidification system that combines dehumidification, air filtration and fresh air ventilation in one system. It creates a healthy and sustainable indoor environment for your family. By combining these three methods, most indoor allergens and toxins can be effectively removed. Although the Healthy Air USA dehumidification system cannot maintain the integrity of the building envelope, it does add positive pressure to the indoor space, which helps prevent the migration of moisture, mycotoxins from mold and VOCs.

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