Mother of two little children helping her sick child

Is Mold Dangerous? What You Need to Know

January 18, 2019

Answering the Question – Is Mold Dangerous? Mold can grow on almost any surface. There are countless species. Some, such as black mold, have built a reputation for releasing mycotoxins that trigger allergic reactions. Others can be harmless but unsightly. However, there is much misinformation about the fungal growths. Is mold…

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facade of home with manicured lawn, and backdrop of trees and blue sky

How to Prevent Mold Growth In Your Home

January 12, 2019

Key Steps to Preventing Mold Growth in Your Home Few things are more upsetting and worrisome to a homeowner than discovering a patch of mold growth. The fungus spreads quickly and easily. You might notice it on the wallpaper, in the insulation, on the walls of a crawlspace, or on…

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Young couple sitting on the couch together sick from mold sickness.

How to Tell if you Have Mold Sickness

January 7, 2019

Causes of Mold Sickness and Common Symptoms Mold is a fungus that comes different types. Typically, you can tell that you have mold simply by noticing patches of green, blue, or black growth in areas with increased moisture. Examples include the bathroom or kitchen. However, did you know that sometimes you can…

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Person cleaning black mold in the corner of a window.

How to Kill Black Mold

January 3, 2019

Recently, you discovered that water damage led to mold growth in your home. Maybe the basement flooded or the attic had a roof leak. Mold spores, which are part of the natural environment, quickly sprout in the right conditions. Black mold, in particular, can be worrisome. Do you know how to kill…

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​​What a Musty Smell in Your House Can Mean

December 30, 2018

What Causes a Musty Smell in Houses A musty smell in the house is unpleasant. It triggers the recognition that something is not right. However, did you know that this is not an odor control issue? Rather, it is a question of what causes the smell that deserves immediate attention.…

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Side View Of A Shocked Young Man Looking At Mold and Mildew On Wall

Is Mildew Mold?

December 27, 2018

Answering the Question: Is Mildew Mold? Mold is a fungus. Mildew is a fungus as well. Is mildew mold? In fact, you may find both of these in the home. Comparing and Contrasting Mold and Mildew Both fungi prefer moist environments. Mildew typically grows on organic materials. It is not unusual to…

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Sick woman sitting in bed looking up symptoms of black mold poisoning online.

Can You Die From Black Mold Poisoning?

December 18, 2018

How Severe is Black Mold Poisoning? Scientists call it Stachybotrys chartarum. You probably know it as black mold. Like other members of the fungus family, it grows in areas where moisture and warmth combine. Homeowners frequently notice it in bathrooms, on walls, and on wood. Is black mold poisoning possible? Could it…

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Exterior of a green home with a well maintained front yard.

​​Why Getting Rid of Black Mold is Worth the Investment

December 12, 2018

Getting Rid of Black Mold is Crucial Mold spores are everywhere. Black mold, also known as Stachybotrys chartarum, starts in the soil that surrounds your home. When spores get inside and find a moist, warm environment, they sprout. Is getting rid of black mold a worthwhile investment for the homeowner?…

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Color image of an old window with rotten wood and mold on it, inside an older home, during winter.

​​The Most Common Places for Mold Growth in Homes

December 8, 2018

Where is Mold Growth Most Likely? Mold is a fungus that prefers moist, warm environments. Because spores are everywhere in the atmosphere, it is easy for a hidden mold infestation to occur. Frequently, it takes little more than an accidental influx of water. Do you ever wonder where the most…

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Cartoon of water damage in Interior flooded basement flooring of laundry room with leaky pipeline.

​Why You Should Have a Mold Inspection after Water Damage

December 1, 2018

Why a Mold Inspection is Crucial After Water Damage Some types of water damage take on the form of a sudden deluge. A pipe bursts, and your upstairs bedroom and bathroom flood. Other types are more gradual. There may be hidden seepage. Heavy rainfall may result in attic leaks that…

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